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Admissions and Tuition




Two of the biggest misconceptions about our program are:
  1. Becoming a student is as simple as “signing up” and paying the tuition.
  2. If you can’t write a check for $10k, you can’t afford our program.
Since our school can only accommodate about 10 students per/cohort, and our curriculum is fairly advanced, we’re quite strict on who we accept through our admissions process. This helps ensure that those that we do accept will be successful, which is good for both us and our students. This admissions barrier shouldn’t scare you away from applying but should reassure you if you're accepted.
As a result of this strict admissions process, our mindset when it comes to tuition is to put students before finances. In other words, if we identify a candidate in our admissions process that is passionate, hungry and demonstrates that they have what it takes to be one of the 10, then we’re going to do everything in our power to make sure that money isn’t the only barrier to their enrollment.

Therefore, we’ve come up with a couple different options for financing.

  1. Loanable
    Loanable is a local Durham company, founded by a former graduate of the Iron Yard who created Loanable to give more people (those without $10k in their checking account) access to programs like ours. Essentially, Loanable has created a structure for you to easily invite your friends and family to invest in your education and for you to customize your own low interest rates. It’s a win-win. You finance your education, and your friends/family make some money.
  2. Sustainable Scholarship Fund
    We realize that some of you may come from a network of friends and family that just don’t have any expendable income at all and cannot afford to invest in your education. For that reason, we’re working on releasing our Sustainable Scholarship Fund. Should you qualify for this scholarship through our application, Project Shift will then provide you a loan through Loanable which you’ll eventually pay back after graduation, thus allowing more students in the future to access Project Shift through the same scholarship dollars.
The bottom-line is, our admissions process is in place to ensure, as much we can, that the students who come through our program are the right students, and will thrive as Software Engineers. With that in mind, admissions can be about more than your ability to pay.

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