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The story behind our logo

It all starts with an idea.

Our idea was to create a new kind of coding bootcamp. We wanted to share our software engineering experience with aspiring developers, but we also wanted to go deeper than simply transferring our knowledge. We also desired to shape students' lives and hearts, in addition to their minds — in other words, a "shift". So, we created Project Shift.


The idea behind the logo comes from a built-in javascript object method call Array.prototype.shift(). The "shift" method in javascript takes the first element from an array "stack" and returns the element while also reducing the length of the array. This image is a great metaphor for the idea of focusing your life on what is at the top of your stack. That is our goal with Project Shift — we want to help you evaluate the priorities in your life and figure out how software engineering can fit into those goals. The stacked yellow lines inside the silhouette of a head represent the process of prioritizing and refining the goals you have and reordering them through education, relationships and mentoring.

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We would love for you to consider joining us as we embark on an exploration of code, purpose, and meaning.

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