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We're Going All In On Our Students

To our knowledge, we’ll be the first coding school in North Carolina (including universities) to ever openly commit to publishing all our hiring statistics and student outcomes. Isn’t that the goal of all this? No one quits their job and invests in a program like ours unless there’s a significant shot that they could transition their careers and change their lives. The same goes for university degrees, but that’s another story.

This is why Project Shift has joined CIRR (Council on Integrity in Results Reporting) as a provisional member. Shortly after the graduation of our first cohort, we’ll publish our student's outcomes according to the standards that CIRR is holding us to. Hopefully, our step in this direction and confidence in our program will raise the bar for others around us as well to make similar commitments.

There is no accreditation for alternative education like ours, but a commitment to a standard like this is as close as we can get. By the way, shouldn’t all education be like this? Shouldn’t the confidence in your education be more about how equipped you are to perform excellently in your career than the piece of paper or label you achieve?

We’ve literally built Project Shift around this singular goal of student success - right down to our small class size, advanced curriculum, strict admissions process and a lean staff. Tech companies across the United States need new pipelines for advanced tech talent, and our tenacious crew in Learn to Code RDU proves that our city is full of talented, hungry, future software engineers lining up who are ready to take these roles head-on.

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